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Workout of the Day

Mins 1-3: 3 jerk balances
Mins 4-6: 2 jerk balances
Mins 7-9: 1 jerk balance
*Pause briefly in receiving position on jerk balance.

B1. Farmer’s walk
3×200’; Rest 30s
*Use DBs and go as heavy as possible.
B2. Double KB front rack bottoms-up carry
3×100’; Rest 2 min

C. EMOTM 10:
1st: 30-45s hang from rings
2nd: 20-30s support on rings
1st: 45s banded good mornings @ 2020 tempo
2nd: 45s D-ball front rack carry (tough)

D. 5 sets:
500m row @ 80% – moderately tough pace
5 power cleans (tough weight – no misses – reset each rep)
-Rest 2-3 min

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