SLSC Testimonials

  • Small square saud 300x300

    Meet Saud

    the technical consultant who finally found consistency in his workout routine.

  • Small square mj 300x300

    Meet Marlice

    the marketing executive who finally found the athletic outlet she’d been missing since competing in collegiate track.

  • Small square brian 300x300

    Meet Brian

    the former scrawny kid who was teased in the weight room who finally found a way to add muscle

  • Small square casey 300x300

    Meet Casey

    the runner who was scared of lifting weights, but found herself happier and more energetic – all while running faster

  • Small square eric 300x300

    Meet Eric

    He wasn’t sure whether or not to get started, but then gained 17 pounds of muscle in six months

  • Small square drew 300x300

    Meet Drew

    the former linebacker at Yale who had one of his best rugby seasons ever – and beat all his siblings in their annual “Palin Olympics.”

  • Small square keshia 300x300

    Meet Keshia

    the bank examiner who had never worked out before – but lost thirty-five pounds once she got started

  • Small square liz 300x300

    Meet Liz

    She felt like she was going to be in the “slow class,” but found a challenge just right for her