SLSC is open under Illinois’s Phase 5 guidelines. Check out our response to Covid-19 here.

Our Facility

If you’re curious about what we’ve got going on at SLSC, take a look at our Google 360 tour.

Our facility includes the following:

  • 7500+ square feet – room for group classes, personal training, and individual design clients
  • Three bathrooms with showers and towels – so you can clean up after training and head to work or head home
  • Two changing rooms – so you don’t get stuck waiting around for someone to finish up in the shower
  • Lounge and kitchenette – to relax and hang out with our community
  • Free wi-fi – just ask for the password

Multiple programs:

  • CrossFit classes with tiered programming for different training ages and experience levels – so you can train for your goals
  • Personal training for maximum individualized attention and accountability
  • Competitor programming and space for competitors to complete their own training – since maximizing your performance requires a different level of commitment
  • Individualized programming – for your goals and your body
  • Flexibility during non-class hours – since your schedule doesn’t always align with our class times

Top-tier coaching:

  • Upfront assessment and movement screen – so you can find a good starting point and not train on top of dysfunction
  • Continuing education to keep coaches current – to give you get the best training available
  • Understanding of a variety of strength & conditioning protocols – to train you for sports performance, body composition change, or balanced fitness – we know what works, and why it works

Extensive equipment selection – to enable individualization of programs as well as to ensure competitors have what they need for their sport:

  • Assault Bikes and Rogue Echo Bikes
  • Concept2 rowers, ski ergs, and bike ergs
  • Assault Runner treadmill
  • Climbing ropes
  • Gymnastics rings
  • Peg board
  • Sleds
  • Heavy dumbbells and kettlebells
  • Specialty bars: fat bar, trap bar, safety bar
  • Chains
  • GHDs
  • Jerk blocks
  • Weightlifting platforms

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