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Check out our class schedule below.

We have currently closed our brick and mortar location due to the situation with the novel coronavirus.

We are currently offering online classes via Google Hangouts. You don’t need to be a member to join.

If you feel awkward, you can join without video or audio as well.

You can access the Hangouts link on the calendar below – just click through to “more details” and follow the Hangouts link.

If you are on a phone or a tablet, you may need to download the Hangouts app to join.

If you’d like to donate to the coaches, you can do so at this link. Everything sent here will be passed on to coaches:

Some people have also requested a Venmo address since PayPal is clunky and not everyone has an account. You can’t create a business Venmo account, but everything sent to @todd-nief will be used to buy Bitcoin passed on to coaches as well.

And how, here’s what’s normally on this page:

You can toggle “weekly” and “daily” (aka “agenda”) view in the upper right – and you can click on each event for more details (like who is coaching the class).

You can also scroll up or down within the calendar itself. If you’re having trouble, you may have to either click into or out of the calendar frame.

If you’re a traveling CrossFitter and you’re looking to train with us while you’re in town, head over to our page for drop-ins here. You can learn about our drop-in policies, find answers to frequently asked questions, and sign up to drop-in ahead of time.

If you’re local to Chicago and you’re looking to get started with us, you can learn what the process of getting started looks like or book a free consultation with one of our coaches.