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Workout of the Day

A. Hang muscle clean x2 + Hang power clean x2 + Hang squat clean x2
4x(2+2+2); Building; Rest 90-120s
Training notes:
•Hang onto the bar between reps.
•Focus on really feeling the difference between clean variations.
•Prioritize positions over load lifted.
Record weight used.
B. E2min for 8 sets:
1 min assault bike/row @ 80%
5 power clean and jerks (tough)
Training notes:
•80% pace should be enough to be breathing heavy but shouldn’t impact barbell too much. Think of it like going ~10s slower than your 2k row PR pace.
•Drop each rep on clean and jerks.
•Start moderate on barbell and increase weight per set.
Record weight used and pace on cyclical pieces.

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