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Workout of the Day

A. EMOTM 10:
2 front squats to 12” box
*Full pause on box.
**Start moderate. Focus on moving fast and keeping hips under your shoulders.

B. Snatch pull w/ pause below-the-knee – 2” deficit
3,2,3,2,3,2; Rest 2 min

Mins 1-3: 3 tall snatches
Mins 4-6: 2 tall snatches
*Focus on pulling under
**Increase load after 3 min.
Mins 1-3: 3 tall cleans
Mins 4-6: 2 tall cleans
*Focus on pulling under
**Increase load after 3 min.

D. Accumulate 40-50 glute-ham raises

E. EMOTM 12:
1st: 30-45s Sorensen hold
2nd: 30-45s Swiss ball hamstring curls
3rd: 20-30s jumping switch lunges
4th: 30-45s wall sit at parallel

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