20.03.04 – South Loop Strength & Conditioning
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A. EMOM 10:
Mins 1-5: 3 push presses
Mins 6-10: 3 push jerks w/ 1s pause in receiving position
Training notes:
•Start moderate and build throughout.
•Take from the rack.
•Priority is technique and understanding hip mechanics on push press and push jerk – not load lifted.
Record weight used.
B. E3min for 5 rounds:
9 unbroken shoulder-to-overhead
10 lateral barbell burpees
Training notes:
•Adjust weight as necessary throughout to keep shoulder-to-overhead unbroken.
•A good guideline for starting weight is ~40-50% of 1RM.
•Goal is not to build as heavy as possible, but to keep the weight challenging and the cycle time fast.
Record weights and splits per set.

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