19.2.5 – South Loop Strength & Conditioning
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A. EMOM 10:
1st: 30s strict hanging leg raises
2nd: 30s handstand hold
Training notes:
•Choose a variation that you can maintain for 30s of unbroken work.

B. 15 min AMRAP:
3-6-9-12…wall balls
3-6-9-12…bike/row calories
Training notes:
•This will be a muscle endurance burn in the legs.
•Use the bike and the row as recovery between sets.
Record reps completed.

A. EMOM 10:
Mins 1-5: 3-5 strict knees-to-elbows + 3-5 strict ring dips
Mins 6-10: 3-5 kipping toes-to-bar + 3-5 strict handstand push-ups
Training notes:
•Choose a rep scheme that you can maintain unbroken sets for each exercise.

B. 27-24-21-18-15-12-9-6-3:
Wall balls (20 to 10’/14 to 9’)
Bike/row calories
Training notes:
•15 minute cap.
•This is a progression from the 30s on/30s off work we’ve been doing with lower body muscle endurance and bike/row pacing – you should have an idea of how you want to pace this based upon that.
Record reps completed across the EMOM – and record splits for each exercise in training notes.

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