16.12.22 - South Loop Strength & Conditioning


A. Drop Snatch-
3×3-5, R45s
*This should be light, all technique work

B. Accumulate 60s for each-
Sorensen hold
Handstand hold (facing wall)
Supinated Flexed arm hang

C. EMOTM 12-
1st- 45s half kneeling kettlebell rotation and press (right)
2nd- 45s suitcase carry (switch sides every 50′)
3rd- 45s Half kneeling kettlebell rotation and press (left)
4th- 45s Alt D-ball to-the-shoulder

D. 12 minutes:
1 minute- Row Below 20 S/M
1 minute- Alt KB wood choppers
1 minute- Jump rope singles
1 minute- Dragonfly’s

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