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Workout of the Day

4 sets:
1000m run @ gradually escalating pace
-Rest 2-3 min

A. E2min for 4 sets:
Squat clean from blocks below-the-knee + Split jerk + Front squat + Split jerk
*Start moderate. Build as able as long as positions are good.

B. Double overhand deadlift, no hook grip – 2” riser – 1s pause at mid-shin on the way up
3×4; Build by 10# per set; Rest 2 min

C. 30 min:
4 min row @ 85%
-Rest/walk 2 min
(Rest as needed)
10 min:
40s suitcase carry, right (70/55)
40s suitcase carry, left (70/55)
40s stir-the-pot
*Avoid torso rotation on suitcase carry.

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