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Workout of the Day

60 min @ 50-70%:
1 min sled push, high handles (light)
1 min reverse single-unders
1 min sled push, low handles (light)
1 min ski erg
1 min assault bike

PM: Push/Pull, int + Push/Pull, vol + Gym battery + Core
A. Push press
Build to a tough touch-and-go triple for today in 10 min

B. E30s for 3 min:
1 push press
-Rest 2 min
E20s for 3 min:
1 push press
*All reps tough but fast.

C. Deadlifts
4×3; Tough; Touch-and-go; Rest 2-3 min

D. Rack pulls from low blocks
3×1.1.1; Tough; Rest 2-3 min
*Bar should be set up about mid-shin.

E. 3 min AMRAP:
Thrusters (205/145)
*Bar starts on the ground.

F. 3 sets:
1 min rowing @ 85%
30s kipping handstand push-ups
1 min double-unders
30s wall balls (30 to 10’/20 to 10’)
2 min assault bike @ 50%

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