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Workout of the Day

8 min:
2 min bike/row @ 80%
1 min wall sit at parallel
1 min seated single-leg raises, alternating
(Rest 3 min)
8 min AMRAP @ high effort:
6 D-ball over shoulder (tough)
6 Turkish get-ups, alternating (53/35)
45 unbroken double-unders or 16 unbroken hurdle hops
(Rest 3 min)
8 min:
2 min bike/row @ 80%
1 min hip airplanes, alternating
1 min DB death march (moderately tough)

Training notes:
For the first 8 minutes:
•Bike/row pace should be at moderately challenging effort – but not so fast that it takes away from the ability to cycle rear-foot elevated split squats
Seated single-leg raise

For the second 8 minutes:
•This should be a high effort but slightly grindy piece. DB weight and ball slam weight should be just heavy enough that you have to control your cycle time.
•Restart at 0 if you miss on double-unders – rest enough to ensure that you can get the set done unbroken.

For the third 8 minutes:
•Bike/row pace should be similar to the bike/row pace during the first 8 minutes
Hip airplanes (make sure you’re actually rotating through the hip and not just through the upper back)
DB death march
•The goal here is to get good mechanics and structure on hip extension while in a slightly fatigued state.

Record reps completed on second 8 minute piece – and record paces and reps for the first and the third 8 minute piece.


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