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Being located in downtown Chicago, we get a lot of drop-ins passing through our city looking to train. Similarly, our members often travel as well and are looking to train on the road. Here are some of our recommendations for gyms to drop-in at while traveling.

Every gym is going to have their own rules regarding drop-ins in terms of classes they can attend, whether or not they can do their own programming, and how much they charge for training.

A lot of these policies are going to be based upon the total volume of drop-ins that they see, their past experience with visitors, and the number of staff they have available.

We do have some pretty good with relationships with gym owners in other cities – often-based upon meeting at competitions or at continuing education courses.

Here are some links to gyms that we recommend in specific cities. When you reach out, let them know that South Loop Strength & Conditioning sent you.

This is an incomplete list, but we will be updating this over time based upon our relationships and our experiences!

Calgary, Alberta, Canada: Optimum Performance Training

New Lenox, Illinois: CrossFit Invalesco

Cincinnati, Ohio: Cincinnati Strength & Conditoining – CrossFit Steel Place

Rochester, Minnesota: CrossFit Detour

Rockford, Illinois: CrossFit VisOne

Scottsdale, Arizona: OPEX

Toronto, Ontario, Canada: Quantum CrossFit

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