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If you're willing to step outside of your comfort zone, we can help you get in the best shape of your life

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Curious about what exercise program to follow? How to eat? How to stay motivated and accountable?

We can help with that, because we're obsessed with best practices, we have some of the most qualified coaches in the business, and we understand not just the technical side of training, but the human side as well.


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Get fit, happy and healthy

Whether you’re an olympic athlete or you’ve never lifted a barbell, getting to the next level of fitness is always tough. South Loop Strength and Conditioning is a community of experts and athletes that are here to get to know you, understand where you’re at, and get you to the next level of fitness—so that you’ll be feeling better and looking great in no time.

Community that supports you

The most unique aspect of South Loop Strength & Conditioning is our amazing community. We’re like a family and we have open arms to new members. When it comes to getting in shape, nothing makes the challenge easier than knowing that you’re surrounded by friends who are working on the same things together.

Coaches who care

Fitness is a journey—and it’s important to have a guide. Our coaches will get to know you, follow your progress and encourage you along on your way to being happier and healthier.

Meet our coaches

Experts who know

There’s a lot of confusion and conflicting ideas about getting in shape: Low fat diet? Low carb diet? Long distance running? Lifting weights? But there’s one thing that’s always clear: results. Our coaches have years of experience paying attention to and working closely with athletes and seeing directly what works. Let them share that wisdom with you.

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Explore what we have to offer

  • Group Classes

    A group of like-minded people working hard together is a powerful thing. Most training at South Loop Strength & Conditioning occurs in a group setting. Classes run in hour-long time blocks and contain a warm-up, mobility work, instructions on technique, and a workout of the day. The workout changes every day and is easily modified to match any fitness level.

    Read more about group classes

  • Private Coaching

    Advanced athletes and those with specific needs can sign up for personal training. Group classes cover technique and involve individual attention but there’s no substitute for dedicated one-on-one time when it comes to drilling into the details of an athlete’s individual goals.

    Read more about private coaching

  • Program Design

    Our group classes are fantastic for anyone looking to achieve superior, well-rounded fitness. But for those who want to take their fitness journey to the next level, we offer custom program design services that can be tailored to any goals or needs you may have, be they structural balance, preparation for a specific sport or otherwise.

    Read more about program design

  • Nutrition Consulting

    When it comes to fitness, exercise is only part of the picture. The other cornerstone of health and achievement is nutrition. Work with our experienced coaches to develop a dietary regimen that will increase performance, reduce fatigue and sculpt your physique.

    Read more about nutrition consulting

  • Today's WOD

    A. Max Front Plank Hold

    B. Front Squat-
    Build to heavy set of 3 in 15 Minutes

    C. For time:
    1000M Row

    "Learn to dunk" from Sports Illustrated

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  • Travelling CrossFitter?

    Want to drop in? Great! If you're a travelling CrossFitter, you can join any of our classes for $20.

    Travelling CrossFitters sign up here

    If you're a Chicagoan curious about how we do things at South Loop Strength & Conditioning, we have a free intro class every Sunday at 11:00 am. We’d love to have you!

    Read about our group classes here

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