South Loop Supporting change

 “Community” is about more than just the relationships within our gym.

We are actively involved in initatives supporting our local neighborhoods.

SLSC's Commitment

At SLSC, we see the life-changing power of fitness every day.

We are focused on enabling and supporting our local communities with the power of fitness and nutrition. It’s our duty to impact each life with guidance, support, and encouragement for long-term health.

Here’s what we believe.

Health is the bedrock upon which people’s lives are built

Through training, we provide our members and our community with the tools to do what they love. We believe that fitness helps people grow stronger not just physically, but mentally as well.

SLSC is committed to providing fitness to all demographics

Discrimination is not tolerated at SLSC, and we prioritize inclusivity.

Best practices are for everyone

Expert guidance has a profound capacity to change lives, but this coaching is often walled off from the people who would benefit the most. We invest our time in organizations that bring coaching to groups who may not otherwise have access.

Here's what slsc is doing in our local communities

It’s not enough to occasionally host charity workouts at our facility (although we’ll still continue to do that, too).

Here’s how we are getting involved.

Our members and staff donate their time to causes helping local communities

We want to support not just with fundraisers and social media posts, but by actually getting involved.

Our staff works with organizations that leverage our expertise to help at-risk youth

We have knowledge and skills that we want to use to make fitness and health accessible not just to our members SLSC, but to the broader community.

we host regular fundraisers for organizations we believe in

Every quarter, we organize an event that raises funds for an organization that we believe in. In the past, we’ve worked with OUTWOD, the Travis Manion Foundation, and the Autism Tree Project Foundation.