17.08.07 - South Loop Strength & Conditioning


A. Safety back squat
Build to a tough single for today

B. 3 sets:
12s assault bike @ 95+%
-Rest 30s
50’ burpee broad jumps
-Rest 2-3 min

C1. Snatch deadlift w/ pause below-the-knee – 2” platform
3×4; Rest 15s
*Use straps. Reset each rep.
**Prioritize positions over load.
C2. DB death march
3x45s; Rest 15s
C3. Glute bridge w/ foot elevated on medball
3×45-60s/side; Rest 2-3 min

D. For time:
30 hang-to-inverted w/ straight arms

E1. Wall press dead bugs
3×45-60s; Rest 30s
E2. Seated leg raises
3×45-60s/side; Rest 2 min

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