Weightlifting – South Loop Strength & Conditioning
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PSnatch-1RM 1/3@-10%
Clean pull-3RM
Clean pull ABKnee (blocks)-3RM
Back extensions 15/4
Pull Ups AMRAP/4
Core 15/4

1 clean + 2 Fsqt -2RM
Push press-3RM
Jerk/Power jerk – 3RM
Clean Deadlift- 3RM
Back extension 15/3

2 cleans + 1 Fsqt -2RM
Power jerk – 3RM
Deadlift- 3RM
Bench press-3RM
Back extension 15/3

Power Clean+ Power Jerk -2RM
Push press- 3RM
Clean grip Deadlift- 3RM
Strict press-3RM
Back extension 15/3

Power Jerk- upto 5RM 5/2@ -10%
Push Press- upto 5RM
BSqt -upto 5RM 5/2@-10%
Lunges in place 5each leg 3 sets stepping forward 3 sets stepping back with barbell on shoulders
Box jumps 8/3