17.08.01 - South Loop Strength & Conditioning


3 sets:
2000m row
-Rest 2-3 min
*Gradually speed up to a moderately tough pace for meters 800-1200 then gradually slow down.

A. 5-10 min practice change of direction
*Practice jumping into it, taking stutter steps, etc.

B. Deadlift
5×2; Build by 10# per set; Rest 2:30
*Reset each rep. Good positions.
**Shoot for heavier than last week.

2 back squats @ 88%

D1. Double overhand deadlift, no hook grip – 2” platform
3×6; 30×0 tempo; Reset each rep; Rest 30s
D2. Safety bar good mornings
3×12; 20×0 tempo; Rest 30s
D3. Banded good mornings
3x60s; 2020 tempo; Rest 2- 3 min

E. 10 min:
40s body saw in rings
40s suitcase hold, right
40s suitcase hold, left
*Don’t let torso twist on suitcase hold.

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