17.05.31 – South Loop Strength & Conditioning


3 sets:
5 min assault bike @ gradually escalating pace
5 min rowing @ gradually decreasing pace
-Rest 3-5 min

A. 5 min practicing variations on muscle-ups and kipping dips – work on different techniques for different levels of fatigue

B1. Single-arm DB overhead squat, right
3×15; Rest 30s
B2. Single-arm DB waiter’s walk, right
3×100’; Rest 30s
B3. Single-arm DB overhead squat, left
3×15; Rest 30s
B4. Single-arm DB waiter’s walk, left
3×100’; Rest 90s

C. For time:
10 burpee box jump overs (30″/24”) – use hands on box
8 D-ball over shoulder (150/100)
5 burpee box jump overs (30″/24”)
4 D-ball over shoulder
*Move box every 5 reps, move D-ball every 2.

D1. Kneeling banded hip extensions
3x45s AMRAP; Rest 30s
D2. KB or DB deadlifts
3×10; Tough; Rest 30s
D3. Kneeling banded hip extensions
3x45s AMRAP; Rest 2 min

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