16.12.16 - South Loop Strength & Conditioning


A. EMOTM 12:
Mins 1-4: 3 touch-and-go high hang squat snatches
Mins 5-8: 3 touch-and-go above-the-knee squat snatches
Mins 9-12: 3 touch-and-go below-the-knee squat snatches
*Prioritize speed and position over load.

Squat snatch + Overhead squat + Snatch balance
*Start moderate and build per set.

C. Squat clean thruster
Build to a max for today in 8 min – no foot shuffle or rebend on thruster.

D. Sumo deadlift
Build to a max for today in 10 min

E. Strict ring pull-ups + Strict toes-through rings + Kipping ring muscle-ups
3-5 x (3+3+3); Rest as needed

F. 21-15-9:
Deadlifts (315/205)
Box jumps, no rebound (30/24)
Assault bike calories

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