16.11.17 - South Loop Strength & Conditioning


4 sets:
5 min run @ 50%
-Rest 2 min
1 mile assault bike @ 75%
-Rest 2 min

A. Front squat to box just below parallel
8×1; 22×1 tempo; Rest 60s
*2s pause on box. Focus on speed driving up over weight.

B. Sumo deadlift
6,5,4,5,4,3; Waveload; Rest 2 min
*Reset each rep – not touch-and-go.

C1. Single-leg DB RDLs
3×10/leg; 20×0 tempo; Short rest b/w legs; Rest 60s
C2. Double KB front rack step-ups
3×10/leg; Short rest b/w legs; Rest 60s

D1. Banded good mornings
3x60s; 1111 tempo; Rest 30s
D2. Double KB split squats, right – light load
3x60s; 1111 tempo; Rest 30s
D3. Double KB split squats, left
3x60s; 1111 tempo; Rest 1-2 min

E. E2 min for 4 sets:
25 Russian KB swings – moderately tough

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