16.10.05 - South Loop Strength & Conditioning


A. 3 rounds not for time:
1 legless rope climb
1 peg board ascent
2-4 skin-the-cats on rings

B. DB front of body carry
5×100’; Heavy; Rest 60s
*Hold DB by metal part between waist and shoulders.

C. 5 sets:
30s static handstand hold – no wall
-Rest 15s
30s bottoms-up waiter’s walk, right
-Rest 15s
30s bottoms-up waiter’s walk, left
-Rest 15s
30s support on rings in external rotation, shoulders off of straps
-Rest 2 min

D. 10 sets:
1 min assault bike @ 90%
2 min shuttle run, 50’ increments @ 50%
*Push it on bike and recover on run.

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