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Workout of the Day

3 sets:
3 broad jumps (jump far on each one)
-Rest 10s
3 D-ball over shoulder (heavy)
-Rest 10s
10s assault bike @ 95+%
-Rest 3 min
(Rest 5-10 min)
3 sets:
3 broad jumps (jump far on each one)
-Rest 10s
25’ prowler push (heavy)
-Rest 10s
10s assault bike @ 95+%
-Rest 3 min

A. Split jerk w/ 1s pause in dip
5×1; Rest 90s
*Top single not maximal.

B1. Strict weighted ring dips – external rotation on lockout
3×6; Rest 30s
B2. Bar dips
3×10-12; Rest 2-3 min

C. EMOTM 12:
1st: 3 strict presses + 3 Pendlay rows
2nd: 2 strict presses + 2 Pendlay rows
3rd: 1 strict press + 1 Pendlay row
*Change weight as able.

D1. Support on rings in external rotation
3xAMSAP (-5); Rest 30s
D2. Double KB front rack carry
3×100’; Tough; Rest 30s
D3. D-ball Zercher carry
3×100’; Tough; Rest 2-3 min

E. 3 sets:
.5 miles assault bike @ 80%
5 strict weighted pull-ups
3 sets: Squat snatch + Snatch balance + Overhead squat
-Rest 2-3 min

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