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Workout of the Day

3 rounds:
100’ belted sled drag (heavy)
400m run @ 80%
-Rest 2 min
3 rounds:
100’ belted reverse sled drag (heavy)
400m run @ 80%
-Rest 2 min
3 rounds:
100’ prowler push (heavy)
400m run @ 80%
-Rest 2 min

A. Squat snatch
4,3,2,1; Rest 90s
*Top single not maximal.
**Reset each rep.

B. Accumulate 10-15 strict ring muscle-ups w/ external rotation on lockout not for time

C. E30s for 12 min:
Mins 1-4: 2-3 strict chest-to-bar pull-ups
Mins 5-8: 4-6 push-ups to deficit
Mins 9-12: 6 weighted pistols, alternating

D. E30s for 8 min:
Mins 1-4: 10-20 L-sit hanging from rings
Mins 5-8: 10-20s superman hold

E. EMOTM 10:
1st: 30s single-arm FLR on rings, right + 30s single-arm FLR on rings, left
2nd: 30s/side single-leg glute bridge hold

E. 10 min AMRAP:
3 legless rope climbs
5 wall climbs (nose touches wall, control eccentric)
7 box jumps, no rebound (36″/30”)
9 ski erg calories

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