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Workout of the Day

10 min assault bike @ 50%
-Rest 1 min
5 min row @ 75%
-Rest 1 min
5 min assault bike @ 75%
-Rest 1 min
8 min row @ 50%
-Rest 1 min
4 min assault bike @ 75%
-Rest 1 min
4 min row @ 50%

A. E2min for 4 attempts:
1 squat clean & jerk

B. E90s for 6 sets:
Behind-the-neck split jerk
*Start moderate and build per set.

C. Clean pull
4×3; Building; Rest 90s
*Use straps. Reset each rep.

D1. Deadlift
3×10; Touch-and-go; Tough; Rest 30s
D2. Farmer’s walk
3x45s; Tough; Rest 30s
D3. Snatch grip RDL – no hook grip
3x60s AMRAP; Light load; Rest 2-4 min

E. EMOTM 15:
1st: 30s yoke walk (heavy)
2nd: 30s ski erg @ high effort
3rd: 30s double-unders w/ Zeus rope

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