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Workout of the Day

4 sets:
400m row @ 50%
-Rest 15s
400m row @ 50%
-Rest 15s
100m row @ 90%
100m row @ 50%
100m row @ 90%
100m row @ 50%
-Rest 2 min

PM: Oly, int + BSq, pause + Lower muscle endurance + Grinder
A. EMOTM 10:
1st: 1 power snatch
2nd: 1 squat snatch
*Start moderate and build per set. Use two separate bars so you can adjust weights separately.

B. Front squat x4 + Split jerk
Build to a tough complex for today in 12 min, then do 3x(4+1) @ ~80% of today’s tough set

C. Back squat to box just below parallel
5,4,3,2,1; 22×1 tempo; Building; Rest 60s
*Prioritize speed and position over load.

D.E45s for 3 times through:
1st: 30s single-leg wall sit at parallel, right
2nd: 30s single-leg wall sit at parallel, left
3rd: 30s single-leg V-ups, right
4th: 30s single-leg V-ups, left
5th: Rest

E. 5 sets:
30s glute-ham raises
30s jumping switch lunges
30s glute-ham raises
-Rest 60-90s

F. 15 min AMRAP:
5-10-15… burpee box jumps (24/20)
100’-200’-300’…prowler push – tough
100’-200’-300’…double KB front rack carry (70/hand – 55/hand)

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