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Workout of the Day

A1. Clean-grip RDL
5×5; 40×0 tempo; Rest 60s
A2. Good mornings
5×10; 30×0 tempo; Moderate load; Rest 2 min

B1. Barbell front rack step-ups
5×10, alternating; Rest 60s
B2. DB walking lunges
5×20, alternating; Moderate load; Rest 2 min

C. 21-15-9 @ 85%:
Row calories
Assault bike calories
(Rest 5 min)
6 min @ 85%:
1 min box jumps, step down (24/20)
1 min yoke carry – moderate load
(Rest 5 min)
Row calories
Assault bike calories

D. EMOTM 12:
1st: 20-30s anti-rotational front plank, right
2nd: 45s suitcase carry, right – tough weight
3rd: 20-30s anti-rotational front plank, left
4th: 45s suitcase carry, left – tough weight

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