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Workout of the Day

10 sets @ 80%:
200m run
-Walk 1 min
(Rest 5-10 min)
5 sets @ 80%:
50 double-unders
200m run
-Walk 90s

20s front rack hold – heavier than 1RM front squat

B. E90s for 5 sets:
3 front squats
*Start moderate and build per set.

C1. Strict weighted ring pull-ups
4×2; Rest 60s
C2. Pendlay rows
4×2; Rest 2-3 min
*Try to hit something “tough” but not maximal on each set.

D1. Strict weighted ring dips
4×2; Rest 60s
D2. Close-grip bench press
4×2; Rest 2-3 min
*Same note as above.

E. For time:
9-7-5: wall climbs
12-9-6: deadlifts (345/215)

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