18.02.02 - South Loop Strength & Conditioning


A. 10 min support on rings instruction

B. 3 sets:
AMSAP support on rings – either in dip position or in ring push-up position
30-60s plank
-Rest 2 min

C. 9 min AMRAP:
3-6-9-12…seated strict DB press
3-6-9-12…double DB bent over rows
3-6-9-12…double DB front squats

A. 10 min ring dip instruction

B. 3 sets:
5 strict ring dips + 10 kipping ring dips + AMSAP ring support hold (complex should remain unbroken)
-Rest 2 min
-Scale by reducing the number of reps or using bar dips.

C. 9 min AMRAP:
3-6-9-12…kipping handstand push-ups
3-6-9-12…chest-to-bar pull-ups
3-6-9-12…front squats (135/95)

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