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Workout of the Day

Turkish get-ups
4×3/arm; Rest 60-90s b/w arms

Training notes:
•Build as able. These should be tough but maintain good positions.

Record weight lifted.

B. 3 rounds @ escalating pace per round—4 min AMRAP:
10 DB box step-ups, alternating (35/hand to 24” – 20/hand to 20”)
12 double DB hang clean & jerks (35/hand – 20/hand)
14 assault bike/row calories
-Rest 1 min

Training notes:
•First round should be at 75% effort (moderate cycle time, smooth transitions, etc.) Last round should be at high effort. If the prescribed weights are too heavy to move through smoothly, reduce them.
•If you don’t have negative splits on this (meaning faster pace per round), you did this incorrectly.

Record reps completed per round.


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