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Workout of the Day

In teams of three in waterfall style—
12 min AMRAP:
12/9 row calories
18 KB swings (53/35)
Overhead plate hold (45/25)
(Rest 8 min)
In teams of three in waterfall style—
12 min AMRAP:
12/9 assault bike calories
6/arm single-arm DB push presses (50/hand – 35/hand)
•Hold both DBs in the front rack but only press one side at a time
Double KB front rack hold (53/35)

Training notes:
•Think of this as three stations – one partner is doing a couplet, one partner is doing an isometric hold, and the other is resting. Once the partner working on the couplet completes their work, each partner rotates.

Record reps completed.


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