19.06.19 – South Loop Strength & Conditioning
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A1. Rear-foot elevated split squats
3×8/leg; Short rest b/w legs; Rest 1 min
A2. Double DB single-leg RDLs
3×20, alternating; Rest 1 min

Training notes:
•Load RFESS w/ DBs in hands at sides. Heavier than last week.
•Adjust ROM as necessary on SLDBRDLs to keep spine neutral.

Record weights used.

B. 4 sets:
1 min rowing @ escalating pace throughout
30s double overhand deadlifts, no hook grip – drop each rep
1 min banded good mornings
-Rest 30s

Training notes:
•Start rowing @ moderate pace and increase pace so that the last 20s of each set are at a challenging pace.
•DOHDL should be moderately challenging.

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