18.12.06 – South Loop Strength & Conditioning


3 rounds:
40 bike/row calories
20 goblet squats
10 ball slams
20 Russian KB swings
10 ball slams

Training notes:
•25 minute cap

Record time.

75 bike/row calories
9 front squats (115/75)
9 push presses (115/75)
9 toes-to-bar
50 bike/row calories
15 front squats (115/75)
15 push presses (115/75)
15 toes-to-bar
25 bike/row calories
21 front squats (115/75)
21 push presses (115/75)
21 toes-to-bar

Training notes:
•25 minute cap

Record time.

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Thankful for @marykaydrei today…and every day. – #Repost @marykaydrei ・・・ So this is me jumping for joy to show how happy and grateful I am for @southloopsc. This gym and everyone who goes along with it deserve this #thankfulthursday post. . I have only been a part of South Loop for a little over a year now but what a wonderful year it has been. . I qualified and trained for regionals here with @legion.sc. . I have learned a million things on how to be a better coach from @pauliewags and @toddknife and all the other coaches. . I continue to wake up at 3:30am twice a week to coach my dedicated morning crew gym goers starting at 5am. . And every day I walk into that door to train I know I'll be greeted with smiling faces and an amazing and supportive community. (@coachdanm @sc_emp and so many more) . Can't wait to see what this next year has in store!! . #thankfulthursday #southloopsc #strengthandconditioning #secondhome

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