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Workout of the Day

A. EMOM 9:
Mins 1-3: 3 high hang power snatches
Mins 4-6: 3 above-the-knee power snatches
Mins 7-9: 3 below-the-knee power snatches
*Not touch-and-go – reset each rep.

Training notes:
-Hang onto the bar between reps.
-Varying the movement selection in this context should help you develop a better “map” of how the snatch functions from a skill perspective.

Record weight lifted for each piece in training notes.

B. Front squat
6,4,2; Building; Rest 2 min

Training notes:
-Each set should be a working set. Build in weight each set.

Record weight lifted.

C. EMOM 10:
1st: 30s step-ups to tough box, alternating
2nd: 45s double DB RDLs @ 30×0 tempo

Training notes:
-This is lower body muscle endurance and accessory work.
-Choose a box height that is at least slightly difficult to step up onto – but don’t go so high that there is sever compensation.
-Lower RDLs to mid-shin – or to the height that you can maintain solid back position in hinging.

Record total reps completed for each movement in training notes.

A. EMOM 9:
Mins 1-3: 3 high hang muscle snatches
Mins 4-6: 3 tall snatches
Mins 7-9: 3 high hang squat snatches
*Not touch-and-go – reset each rep.

Training notes:
-The goal of rotating through these different variations of the snatch is to develop solid motor patterns and movement variability – you should be able to quickly flip back and forth between different versions of snatching if you’ve mastered the skill.

Record weights used for each minute in training notes.

B. 6 front squats @ 31×1 tempo
-Rest 2 min
4 front squats @ 20×1 tempo
-Rest 2 min
2 one and a quarter front squats

Training notes:
-By working through different variations of the front squat in terms of tempo and positioning, we are training the capacity to control the front squat position in different situations – particularly in terms of how we handle the eccentric portion of the squat and the “bounce” in the bottom.
-Each of these sets should be “working sets” – warm up before starting your set of 7 tempo front squats.
One and a quarter front squat
-Shoot for heavier than last time (we did more reps last time we did this).

Record weight lifted for all squats in training notes.

C. EMOM 10:
1st: 30s jumping switch lunges
2nd: 45s double DB death march (moderately tough)

Training notes:
-This is lower body muscle endurance and accessory work.
-Shoot for unbroken sets on the jumping switch lunges for as long as possible.
-Maintain a good position on the DB death march – don’t go so low that you’re rounding.

Record total reps completed and weight used for death march each movement in training notes.


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