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Workout of the Day

A. 10 minute strict pull-up skill

Training notes:
-Practice initiating with the scapula, maintaining good eccentric control, mixing grips, etc. Work strict chest-to-bar or strict muscle-ups if strict pull-ups are easy for you.

B. 90s bike/row
1 min double-unders
-Rest 2:30
90s bike/row
1 min KB swings (70/53)
-Rest 2:30
90s bike/row – switch from biking to rowing here or vice versa
1 min single-arm DB overhead reverse lunges, right (50/35)
-Rest 2:30
90s bike/row
1 min single-arm DB overhead reverse lunges, left (50/35)

Training notes:
-Goal here is to move unbroken for the 1 minute of mixed work. Pace the bike/row accordingly.
-For the first two intervals you will either bike or row, then you will switch halfway through.
-If positions are sketchy on overhead lunges, do a goblet DB or KB lunge instead.
-Scale double-unders to lateral hurdle hops – single-unders will be too easy.

Record average cyclical pace for each interval and reps completed on the dumbbell for each interval in training notes.


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