18.07.09 - South Loop Strength & Conditioning


A. Standing long jump
Build to a max distance in 10 minutes

Training notes:
-Rest as needed on attempts here so that you’re getting quality work in.

Record longest distance.

B. Increasing on the minute until you reach 2500m/2000m or 120/90 calories:
1st: 1 burpee + bike/row in remaining time
2nd: 2 burpees + bike/row in remaining time
3rd: 3 burpees + bike/row in remaining time

*When you fail, take a minute off and finish the required work by doing 5 burpees + bike/row in remaining time.
**20 minute cap.

Training notes:
-There is quite a bit of strategy to pacing this, since you can complete much more work in the early minutes with fewer burpees. Think about what the best plan will be for you.

Record total number of minutes required to complete the required work.

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