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Workout of the Day

A. 4 rounds:
3 vertical jumps w/ 1s pause in dip
-Rest 10s
3 vertical jumps – no pause
-Rest 10s
3 jumping squats w/ 1s pause in bottom of squat
-Rest 10s
3 jumping squats
-Rest as needed

Training notes:
-By pausing in the dip and in the bottom of the squat, we’re manipulating the ability to use the stretch shortening cycle to facilitate jumping.
-Actually try to jump high on each of these, or else doing this is a waste of your time.

B. Increasing on the minute until failure for 20 total minutes:
1st: 2 DB box overs to 24”/20” (50/hand – 35/hand)
2nd: 4 assault bike/row calories
3rd: 4 DB box overs to 24”/20” (50/hand – 35/hand)
4th: 6 assault bike/row calories

*When you fail, go back to the first minute.

Training notes:
-Get as high as you can in the ladder – when you fail to complete the work in the allotted minute, start over at the first minute (no minute off this week).
-Everyone will be working for 20 total minutes.
-Box overs go up by two, assault bike/row calories go up by two – alternate minutes in terms of where you’re working.

Record the highest minute that you completed and record total splits in training notes.

Also, you should take a fast class:

View this post on Instagram

@brattrains explains the origins of the FAST program – "I started off by coaching the kids group,  noticing that people were tight,  or had injuries, stress fractures, tightness in their hips – all the things that people thought that just needed to be stretched. – It's turned into finding out – by putting them through different movements and different workouts – and doing it at a higher heart rate to get people to expose their deficiencies and actually work on improving them. – So, by breaking movements down to the basics – when you put them back together, they're able to perform better." – If you haven't yet, come try a FAST class this Saturday at SLSC at 11am. Shoot us an e-mail at to let us know you're coming.

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