18.06.25 – South Loop Strength & Conditioning


A. 4 rounds:
1 standing broad jump
-Rest 20s
3/side single-leg box jumps
-Rest as needed

Training notes:
-Actually pay attention to how far you jump on the broad jump – and try to jump further each time.
-Jump higher onto the box rather than using a higher box on single-leg box jumps – protect your shins.

B. Increasing on the minute until failure for 20 total minutes:
1st: 1 burpee + 5 assault bike/row calories
2nd: 2 burpees + 6 assault bike/row calories
3rd: 3 burpees + 7 assault bike/row calories

*When you fail, take a minute off then go back to the 1st minute.

Training notes:
-Get as high as you can in the ladder – when you fail to complete the work in the allotted minute, rest for the next minute, then restart with 1 burpee + 5 calories.
-Everyone will be working for 20 total minutes.

Record the highest minute that you completed and record total splits in training notes.

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