SLSC is now open in accordance with Chicago’s Phase 4 guidelines. Check out our response to COVID-19 here.

Workout of the Day

A. 10 minute toes-to-bar instruction
10 minute double-under instruction

B. 14 min AMRAP:
10 ring rows
20 push-ups
30 wall balls
40 lateral hurdle hops

Training notes:
-Pace appropriately and break up the upper body pushing and pulling appropriately so that you can keep moving.

A. 10 minute muscle-up instruction
10 minute double-under instruction

B. “15.3”
14 min AMRAP:
7 ring muscle-ups
50 wall balls (20 to 10’/14 to 9’)
100 double-unders

Training notes:
-Limiting factor will vary a lot across different individuals. Pace appropriately for what will be the most difficult part for you.

Record weights/reps/movements completed in training notes.


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