18.05.31 - South Loop Strength & Conditioning


Fitness & Performance
A. High hang snatch high pull + Above-the-knee snatch high pull + Below-the-knee snatch high pull + Mid-shin snatch high pull
4x(1+1+1+1); Building; Rest 60-90s

Training notes:
-Hang onto the bar between reps.
-Use a weight that is challenging but allows you to maintain good positions. This is intended to be positional skill work.
-High pull involves bending the elbows and allowing the bar to rise – while still keeping it close. Prioritize vertical hip extension and keeping the bar close.

Record weights used in training notes.

B. 3 min assault bike/row @ high effort
90s DB snatches, alternating (moderate)
90s air squats
-Rest/walk 3 min
3 min assault bike/row @ high effort
90s power wall balls
90s reverse lunges, alternating
-Rest/walk 3 min
3 min assault bike/row @ high effort
45s single-arm DB push presses, right
45s single-arm DB push presses, left
90s air squats

Training notes:
-You will probably have to drop the pace on the cyclical pieces from the 2 minute pieces last time – work is longer, mixed work is longer, and the rest is the same.
-Use the same weight for DB snatches and DB push presses.
-Use the 90s of air squats as a barometer for your pacing – ideally, the last set is within a few reps of the last set.

Record average pace on cyclical work and weights/reps/feelings on mixed pieces in training notes.

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