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Workout of the Day

A. Back squat
Build to 3RM for today in 15 minutes
Training notes:
-Only build as heavy as you can while maintaining good positions.
-Write this number down – it will be good to know what your 3RM is over time.

B. For time:
5 rounds:
10 DB burpee box overs (tough)
10 assault bike/row calories
Training notes:
-Repeatability of high percentage lifts is only relevant to train/test for athletes with a higher training age, so this session is significantly different than the Performance training for today.
-This should be a grind – pace the row so that you are able to move at least moderately quickly through the burpee box overs.

A. Back squat
Build to a max for today in 15 minutes
Training notes:
-You may have to build relatively quickly to get to a max in 15 minutes – that’s ok. The time may be somewhat self-limiting here and that’s fine.
-The progression in intensity over the last few weeks should give you an idea of whether or not you should shoot for an actual PR today. Use your first few warm-up sets to gauge how you’re feeling and take your building attempts based upon that.

B. For time:
30 squat clean & jerks @ 75% of 1RM
*15 minute cap.
Training notes:
-This is a test of repeatability at high percentage of 1RM.
-Use your last tested 1RM. This should be at least moderately heavy.
-Any form of squat clean & jerk is acceptable – thruster, touch-and-go, push jerk, split jerk, etc.


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