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Workout of the Day

A. 10 min kipping on rings skill work
Training notes:
-Working to develop toes-through-rings often speeds up skill acquisition for other kipping movements.

B. 10 min hang power clean position and skill work
Training notes:
-Things to work on: understanding different hang positions (high hang, mid-thigh, above-the-knee), making sure that receiving position includes hips being pushed back.

C. 3 rounds:
50 air squats
15 DB manmakers
Training notes:
-Manmaker weight should be tough.

A. 10 min muscle up skill work
Training notes:
-Things to work on: keeping the elbows in on transition, understanding how to kip the dip, understanding different kipping versions (uprise/heels back kip/reset into knees up kip), false grip/half false grip/no false grip

B. 10 min hang power clean cycling skill work
Training notes:
-Things to work on: different hang positions (high hang/mid-thigh/above-the-knee), muscle clean vs power clean, touch-and-go, making sure you stand fully before bringing the bar back down, transitioning in and out of hook grip

C. “Nasty Girls”
3 rounds:
50 air squats
7 ring muscle-ups
10 hang power cleans (135/95)
*15 minute cap
Training notes:
-Muscle-up competency will dictate pace.


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