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Workout of the Day

A. Snatch pull
3,3,2,2,1; Building; Rest 2 min
Training notes:
-Reset each rep. Not touch-and-go.
-Top single should be at or above 1RM snatch.
-For crying out loud, please keep your arms straight. “Pull” means “second pull of the snatch” which is a hip extension movement. No bent arms.

B. 3 sets on a 6 minute interval at high effort—
3 rounds:
10 DB hang cleans
10 DB shoulder-to-overhead
10 lateral DB burpees
Training notes:
-Fitness is doing “more work” because people following this track likely do not have the power development to get anything out of doing two sets on a 12 minute interval. It requires a certain level of experience to create enough power to require 8-10 minutes of rest in order to repeat a 2-4 minute piece of work.
-Start a set at 0:00 on the clock, 6:00 on the clock, and 12:00 on the clock.
-Pay attention to the difference in time between your sets.
-Stepping up and down on burpees is acceptable for Fitness.

A. Snatch pull
3,1,2,1; Waveload; Rest 2 min
Training notes:
-Reset each rep. Not touch-and-go.
-Waveload means 3 < 1 > 2 < 1. Those are symbols for greater than and less than. Google it if you’re confused. -Top single should be at or above 1RM snatch. -Don’t bend your arms. Stop bending your arms. Keep your arms straight. -Focus on driving hips straight up - avoid pushing hips forward and allowing the bar to come flying off of your body on extension. B. 2 sets on a 12 minute interval at near all out effort:
Power cleans (115/75)
Bar-facing burpees
Training notes:
-Cleans should be moderate weight and unbroken.
-Open standard on bar-facing burpees.
-“On a 12 minute interval” means your second set starts once the clock hits 12 minutes.
-Pay attention to how much you slow down on the second time through. This is a measure of your ability to recover between
-If you go faster on the second interval than the first interval, you didn’t actually go fast enough on the first set and you still have something to learn about how to actually create intensity in short, mixed pieces. DON’T PACE THE FIRST ONE.


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