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Workout of the Day

A. Front squat
Build to a tough 3 for today in 15 minutes
Training notes:
-This is not necessarily a true 3 rep max. Build as heavy as you can without losing your positions.
-Since you are going heavy, make sure you rest appropriately between your sets – this means somewhere around two minutes. You are missing the point if you rest 1 minute and finish building to your tough 3 in 8 minutes.

B. 20 min AMRAP:
20 bike/row calories
15 double KB/DB front squats
10 push-ups, hand-release
10 vertical ring rows
Training notes:
-Weight on KB/DB squats should be challenging.
-Scale push-ups by elevating hands – don’t do hand-release with elevated hands (obviously).
-Vertical ring rows involve keeping the torso upright and pulling to the tops of the shoulders. Drive through your legs for as much assistance as necessary to keep this pattern clean. If the top of the vertical ring row is the same position as the top of a normal ring row, you’ve made a mistake somewhere.

A. One and a quarter front squat
Build to a max for today in 15 minutes
Training notes:
-Don’t sacrifice the positions of the one and a quarter squat to lift more weight. This is only a “max” within the constraints of the movement.
-If you are efficient in this pattern, expect to hit somewhere around 90% of your normal front squat.

B. 20 min AMRAP:
20 bike/row calories
15 double KB/DB front squats (70/53)
10 wall climbs
5 rope climbs
Training notes:
-This should be a “grind.” Each movement should be challenging enough that you have to control your pace throughout – and going too fast on the bike/row can be a tragic mistake on something like this.
-Nose touches wall on wall climbs. Control the eccentric.
-DB/KB weight should be very challenging. And those squats may not be unbroken throughout the 20 minutes.
-Modify rope climbs with 5-10 strict toes-to-bar or hanging leg raises.


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