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Vanessa Segovia

Lead Coach

Where were you born?

What schools did you attend?
University of Illinois Chicago

When did you start CrossFit?

What made you start CrossFit?
I was training for 2012 Swimming Nationals and broke my hand, needed something for 6 weeks to keep myself in shape until I could get back in the water and a teammate suggested CF and never looked back!

When did you come to SLSC?
November 2018

What do you enjoy about SLSC?
The varying levels of talent and abilities makes coaching everyone unique and exciting, but there is one common factor amongst everyone; Hardworking. I love coming into this gym everyday whether it is to train or coach because everyone here is trying to be a better version of themselves everyday they walk through that door.

What do you enjoy about coaching?
Seeing people accomplish things they didn’t realize they had the ability to do.

What would you say to someone who is considering trying out SLSC but is unsure?
Just come once with an open mind, be willing to learn and ready to have fun.


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