18.10.15 – South Loop Strength & Conditioning


10 minutes muscle-up transition skill

Training notes:
•We’ve been working on both pull-ups and support in ring dips for the last several months, so now is a good time to start working on actually transitioning through a muscle-up.

Things to work on:
•Hanging with false grip
•Understanding wrist positioning on transition
•Kneeling transition drills
•Banded transition drills
•Strict ring muscle-ups
•Kipping ring muscle-ups without false grip
•Gymnastics kip on bar muscle-up
•Pseudo gymnastics kip for bar muscle-ups
•Uprises – front and back

B. 5 min:
30s rowing/assault bike @ high effort
-Rest 30s
10 min AMRAP @ 85%:
10 burpee box jumps (24”)
10 DB thrusters (50/hand – 35/hand)
5 min:
30s double-unders/lateral hurdle hops
-Rest 30s

Training notes:
•This week, we are splitting the 10 minutes of 30s on/30s off on either side of a 10 minute AMRAP. Goal is to pace the 10 minutes in the middle appropriately so that you can hit consistent numbers on the final 5 minute piece.

Record reps completed for 10 minute AMRAP and paces for 5 minutes of 30s on/30s off.

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