19.3.8 – South Loop Strength & Conditioning
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A. EMOM 12:
1st: 15s row/assault bike @ near all out pace
2nd: 20s squat clean thrusters @ moderately tough weight
3rd: 10s row/assault bike @ near all out pace
4th: Rest

Training notes:
•Each piece of this should be difficult – but you shouldn’t be accumulating too much fatigue throughout. You should feel close to recovered after each round when you’re starting the bike/row again.
•Squat clean thrusters should be at moderately tough/unbroken weight.

B. EMOM 15:
1st: 30s power cleans
2nd: 30s front rack reverse lunges
3rd: 30s assault bike/row

Training notes:
•Moderate weight – movements should remain unbroken.

Record time.

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