19.3.29 – South Loop Strength & Conditioning
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E2min for 6 sets:
Sets 1-3: 5 deadlifts
Sets 4-6: 4 deadlifts

Training notes:
•NOT touch-and-go.
•Start moderate and build throughout.
•Final set should be tough but not maximal.

Record weights lifted.

B. EMOM 6:
1st: 30-45s DB Z press (unbroken)
2nd: 30-45s Russian KB swings (heavy but unbroken)
(Rest 2 min)
8 min AMRAP:
1 devil press (50/hand – 35/hand)
1 box step overs (50/hand to 24” – 35/hand to 20”)

Training notes:
•Choose challenging but sustainable weights for the first EMOM.
•8 min AMRAP is basically a devil press into a box step over. This should be a consistent grind throughout.

Record time.

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