19.2.22 – South Loop Strength & Conditioning
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A. EMOM 12:
1st: 12s row/assault bike @ near all out pace
2nd: 5 touch-and-go clean pulls @ moderately tough weight
3rd: 20s burpees – move fast
4th: 30s lateral hops over barbell
Training notes:
•Each piece of this should be difficult – but you shouldn’t be accumulating too much fatigue throughout. You should feel close to recovered after each round when you’re starting the bike again.
•Clean pulls should be heavy but not so heavy that they get sloppy.

B. E4min for 4 sets:
1st: 20 row/bike cals + 20 wall balls (20 to 10’/14 to 9’)
2nd: 20 row/bike cals + 6 double DB hang cleans + 6 double DB push jerks (50/hand – 35/hand)
Training notes:
•Move fast on row/bike – quick transition into mixed pieces.
•16 total minutes of work.
Record time.

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