18.10.27 – South Loop Strength & Conditioning


In teams of two—
One partner runs 400m while the other partner completes as many reps as possible of:
DB thrusters (45/hand – 35/hand)
Wall balls (20 to 10’/14 to 9’)
Box jumps, step down (24”/20”)

Training notes:
•P1 runs 400m while P2 does DB thrusters, P2 runs 400m while P1 does DB thrusters, P1 runs 400m while P2 does KB swings, P2 runs 400m while P1 does KB swings, etc.

Record total time to complete running and the total reps completed.

B. EMOM 10:
1st: 30-45s side plank, right
2nd: 30-45s side plank, left

Training notes:
•Prioritize good positions over holding the plank longer.

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